What is Phlegmatic Temperament? Posted in: Blog

Discover what it means to be a Phlegmatic. Perhaps you are wondering if you have a Phlegmatic personality, or maybe a family member or co-worker. This post will help you better understand the key characteristics of the Phlegmatic person, along with the factors that help them to succeed and thrive.

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Sanguine Temperament Posted in: Blog

Although it is true that no one personality or temperament is better than the other, many people are attracted to the Sanguine temperament. They are known for their love for people and their fun, easy-going personality.

You probably know quite a few Sanguines and may be one yourself. In this article, we will describe the Sanguine temperament and how they are wired, what they enjoy, and some of their core needs and preferences.

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The Choleric Temperament Posted in: Blog

Do you consider yourself a Choleric? Or do you want to learn more about someone you know who may be a Choleric person? Perhaps the term “Choleric” is not completely clear in your mind. In this article, we talk about what it means to have a Choleric temperament and what’s important to know about the Choleric person.

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Melancholy Personality/ Temperament Posted in: Blog

Have you been described as a “Melancholy” or know someone who has been referred to as a Melancholy? Many people have heard this term but don’t really understand what it means or how to fully describe it.

The Melancholy temperament is one that has often been associated with being sad or depressed. It is true that the Melancholy personality may tend to focus more on the problem rather than trying to figure out a solution, but any temperament can feel down or depressed when they think too much about negative circumstances.

In this article, we highlight the natural tendencies of the Melancholy person, along with their uniqueness, preferences, and motivators.

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