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Teams need great managers, and those managers need opportunities to develop. MyTemperament is the tool that inspires higher organizational and team performance, all while making every manager better.

Teams that Work in their
Strengths Perform Better!

As a manager, you know your team better than anyone, but what if you had even more clarity of why they do what they do? Or each person’s top strengths, uniqueness, and temperament-based needs? We can help you shine as a leader!

Employees who receive strengths
based development have:

Source: Gallup, Inc.

Leading people is tough –
Get the tools you need!

When you understand the temperaments and needs of those around you, you’ll be positioned for a new level of leadership and fulfillment, both personally and professionally.

The MyTemperamentTM reports equip you with key insights about your individual team members and how to engage, coach, and lead them. You’ll understand each person and their:


Top Strengths



Suggestions for
best performance

Core needs

to pressure

Causes of


Through the MyTemperamentTM Personal Report and Manager’s Report, not only will you better understand your team, but they’ll better understand themselves and each other, resulting in higher organizational and team performance.

Get a Manager’s Report and the
Guidance You Need


Team Members Take Assessment

Your Team (or selected employees) takes the MyTemperamentTM Assessment. Each employee receives a same-day customized, personal report.


Receive A Manager’s Report

When your team members complete the MyTemperament Assessment, you will receive a separate Manager’s Report for each person on how to engage, coach, and lead them based on their temperament, strengths, and core needs.

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