The Choleric Temperament

As you may have heard people describe the Choleric, they are extroverted, quick thinking, active, practical, and strong-willed. They are driven by a primary need to get results. The Choleric temperament is self-confident, self-sufficient, and independent minded. They are decisive and opinionated and find it easy to make decisions for themselves as well as others.

Cholerics are visionaries and seem to never run out of ideas, plans and goals, which are usually very practical. They do not require as much sleep as the other temperaments, so their activity seems endless. The Choleric’s activity almost always has a purpose because they are by nature result oriented.

The Choleric temperament usually does not give in to the pressure of what others think unless they see that they cannot get the desired results. Cholerics are both direct and firm when responding to others. They think big and seek positions of authority.

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Choleric Personality Characteristics

The Choleric personality is driven to get quick results. Once they achieve a goal and get results, Cholerics are ready for the next challenge. Specific personality characteristics of the Choleric include a command and confidence in their voice and being brief, direct, and to the point when communicating with others. The Choleric personality expects others to do the same for them.

Cholerics get bored quickly and lose focus if they don’t have a goal, or if they are not getting results. But they can be easily redirected back on course if they are shown how to get better, faster results.

Best Jobs for Choleric Personality

A person will be the most content and productive in a career that matches their natural temperament needs and tendencies.

For the Choleric, they will naturally seek jobs that allow them to lead, produce results quickly, and will often sell a product that offers big financial rewards.

The Choleric personality will be the most productive in a career that allows them to not only get results quickly but be in a position to influence and direct others.

What are the best jobs for the Choleric personality? The Choleric is often found in the following job positions: owner, president, CEO, top management, attorney, entrepreneur, sales, sales manager, real estate developer, and project manager.

The Choleric temperament is only found in about 10% of the population and, as a result, is more difficult to find when searching for job candidates.

How to Love a Choleric Person

Each temperament is unique and valuable and has both strengths and weaknesses. When relating to the Choleric person, focus on appreciating their natural abilities and uniqueness. Also focus on modifying your temperament when engaging with them.

For example, if you are typically quiet, try to be more talkative and responsive, and don’t be offended by their directness or their desire to get results. When communicating with a Choleric person, give them your opinion, but give them options. The Choleric does not like being told what to do. The more you truly understand about the Choleric person, the more you can effectively relate to them and enjoy the relationship.

How to Lead, Manage, and Supervise a Choleric Person

When relating to and leading a Choleric person, it’s important to have a clear understanding of their natural tendencies. They are a natural leader who likes to take charge and direct others to achieve a goal. A Choleric easily sees a practical solution to difficult problems. They are very direct and confident when communicating with others. The Choleric personality type gets bored easily if the results are not achieved quickly.

The Choleric may try to control too many things, and as a result, may cause frustration in others. Also, they can be too direct and blunt at times.

To be highly motivated, the Choleric person needs an environment that provides freedom and information that will help them get results quickly. It’s important to give the Choleric a clear goal and then let them work.

When leading, managing, or supervising someone with a Choleric temperament, it’s very helpful to understand their temperament combinations.

Choleric Temperament Combinations

No one is just one temperament. Everyone is a combination of all four temperaments: Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, and Melancholy.

A person’s primary temperament will have a stronger influence on their behavior than the other three temperaments. And their secondary temperament will always modify the tendencies of their primary temperament in some significant way.

The combination of the primary and secondary temperaments will represent a person’s normal, usual, and daily behavior.

The three Choleric temperament combinations are the Choleric-Sanguine, the Choleric-Phlegmatic, and the Choleric-Melancholy.


The Choleric-Sanguine combination, also known as the Executive, has a primary need to get results and a secondary need to be accepted socially. The Executive easily inspires others to get results.


The Choleric-Phlegmatic combination, or the Director, is driven by two needs. They have a primary need to get results and a secondary need to accommodate others. The Director dogmatically resists change. They will use direct and persistent methods to get results or promote their ideas.


The Choleric-Melancholy combination, also known as the Strategist, is driven by two needs, a primary need to get results and a secondary need to do things right. The Strategist needs time to develop their strategy to achieve the goal. They are not trying to “be” right but trying to figure out what “is” right.

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