Born with a Creative Temperament; Sanguine-Melancholy (I/C)

Have you ever been described as creative, talented and moody? Have you ever felt wrongfully accused of being outgoing when deep down you know there are days where the idea of hiding under a rock sounds pretty enticing? These are just some of the traits that describe the most creative temperament: The Sanguine-Melancholy (I-C) Temperament.

People with this temperament are the most capable people in the world, unfortunately, those natural skills and abilities do come with a price—the overwhelming fear of rejection and failure. These fears are what hinders them, maybe even you, from living out the incredible innate potential. This is the heart of this book—to unleash, equip and empower the potential that is lying in wait inside each Sanguine-Melancholy (I-C). If you feel that this is you, I invite you into this journey of discovery of all that you are capable of doing and how to overcome your fears because you have the capacity to do things no one has ever imagined!


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