We asked Park.Ride.London. –, Despite being underground, the ceiling is made from laminate panels, allowing natural daylight to illuminate it. 87. –, Opening in 1926, the originally proposed name was Merton Grove, but it was renamed South Wimbledon to try and sound classier. 73. The Central Line has the most tube stations with no surface building (Bank, Bethnal Green, Chancery Lane, Gants Hill, Notting Hill Gate). –, Has an original copy of the Harry Beck Tube map on display; he lived nearby and used the station frequently. The earliest trains run from Osterley to Heathrow on the Piccadilly line, starting at 4.45am. A few services also have … –, Technically, it’s two stations – one District/Piccadilly, one Hammersmith & City/Circle. 115 years later, there is still no retail unit. Covent Garden is believed to be haunted by the ghost of William Terris who met an untimely death near the station in 1897. –, Is, perhaps ironically, the station people travel to in order to get to Britain’s biggest walking festival. Alarming footage has emerged showing workers at a London Underground station piling into tube carriages earlier this morning. She flails her arms, apparently. Approximately 50 passengers a year kill themselves on the Underground. –, The station was originally built so that City workers would have easy access to Epping Forest. An estimated half a million mice live in the Underground system. A 2011 study suggested 30 per cent of passengers take longer routes due to the out-of-scale distances on the Tube map. 62. There is no Queen’s Road in Kensington. –, Named Queen’s Road originally (because Queen Victoria was born nearby), but people thought that ‘lacked distinctiveness’, so was changed. –, Alphabetically, the last name on the entire Tube network. 47. 48. The Waterloo and City Line has the fewest stations (no intermediate stations). The Underground name first appeared on stations in 1908. Footage shows packed platforms at jammed London tube station. If you take the average depth below sea level of all the platforms in each tube station – an important clarification – London Bridge comes out on top (bottom). 3. 74. In Central London the deepest station below street level is also the Northern line. Despite their being 5 people aboard, and a toddler asleep in the top floor of the house, no-one was even injured. 31. –, Replaced an earlier station that was called Wood Lane that had been there since 1864. There are three tube stations on the Monopoly board: Liverpool Street Station, King’s Cross and Marylebone. Apart from, technically Burnt Oak. Image: Ben Brooksbank And with no ado about something, the answer there is Hampstead. –, Celebrations to mark the opening of the station in 1935 included a performance by the Dagenham Girl Pipers – they performed in Nazi Germany around the same time, and Hitler is said to have remarked: “I wish I had a band like that.” Dot matrix train destination indicators were introduced onto London Underground platforms in 1983. Which station has the most platforms? With 10 platforms, Baker Street is the station with the most platforms. –, A wooden owl was put into the station’s rafters during recent refurbishment as a reference to the owl sanctuary nearby. –, The Roundhouse next door used to be a railway turntable servicing the station. 12. 40. It will come as no surprise that Angel station has the longest escalator at 60 metres. Over 47 million litres water are pumped from the Tube each day, enough to fill a standard leisure centre swimming pool (25 metres x 10 metres) every quarter of an hour. 82.The Jubilee Line was named to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee in 1977 – but the line did not open until 1979. Miscellany. You can't ride it today, thanks to industrial action. The award for the most efficiently designed tube station has to go to Heathrow Terminal 4. 90. Then, in 2008, they opened a new station down the road called Wood Lane. 136. Don't forget that London has a plethora of buses, all of which have priority areas for strollers and step free access if required. –, Despite its name, the station is close to the Marlborough Gate entrance to Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens, about 300m to the east of the Lancaster Gate entrance. –, The speed of sound was first accurately measured from the church next to the station. Head out on a nice solitary walk instead…. A favourite of dowager duchesses, lords, ladies and assorted gentlefolk; the Middleton family and... A magnet for media and entertainment types, darling. The Best Online Music Streaming Services for 2021. –, Has been awarded the “Best Customer Service” trophy at the London Transport Awards – no surprise, the station master is called James Bond. UUI (zone 5) — one of only two night tube stations outside Greater London. 129.The London Underground Film Office handles over 200 requests a month. It took an act of parliament to finally push construction through. 114. The River Westbourne was funnelled above a platform on Sloane Square in a large iron pipe suspended from girders. 39. The font he came up with is still in use today. –, Gets name-dropped in songs by Razorlight (Los Angeles Waltz), Mark Knopfler (Junkie Doll), Pablo Gad (Black Before Creation), and Sway DaSafo (Up Your Speed). 106. 130. According to 18th Century writer Aaron Hill, prior to the station being put in, Plaistow was “a whole day’s coach ride” to Westminster. 16. 11.5 days are spent on average by Londoners on the Tube every year. Arsenal (originally Gillespie Road) on Piccadilly line is the only station named after a football team. You can read it here. Tube trains travelled 76.4 million kilometres last year. 51. –, Is the start of the longest tunnel on the Underground network, running 27.8 kilometres (17.3 mi) to East Finchley via the Bank branch. Take care when you’re travelling from a station with a platform which is level with the train floor along its whole length. Chosen after years of agonising research and based on a strict set of highly competitive crit... Umbrellas. The new Whitechapel station should be splendid, when it finally opens: However, Whitechapel station has several unfortunate connotations, and not just for history addicts like me. –, Built from Portland Stone – a Jurassic era limestone from Dorset used in the construction of Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the UN Building in New York. 25. A historic shot of the deepest tube station. –, Dollis Hill played a part in the Second World War, as the code-breaking computer used at Bletchley Park was built here. –, The tube’s first rail disaster happened here – 4 people died in 1866 and the trains were running again within half an hour. A hand-picked, pickled slaw-topped selection of the finest taco spots in London.... After painstakingly trawling the myriad food markets around London… we got fat. 63. –, Used to have a spiral escalator (which is now stored in the Acton depot). 64.There are only two tube station names that contain all five vowels: Mansion House, and South Ealing. Brompton Road Underground station E/B platform looking east. It involves a person intentionally jumping into an oncoming train's path so that the impact kills them. The record for visiting all the stations on the London Underground network – known as the Tube Challenge – is currently held by Ronan McDonald and Clive Burgess of the United Kingdom, who completed the challenge in 16 hours, 14 minutes and 10 seconds on February 19, 2015. –, Is the only station on the network with an ornate, medieval-style Hammerbeam Roof (usually only used in great halls or cathedrals). –, The Tube’s track is crossed by Kew Gardens Station Footbridge, a Grade II listed feature in its own right – it was designed specifically to prevent smoke from steam trains getting into people’s clothing. (…Technically making it a used platform?) –, Being the final/first station on the line, has a tunnel designed to mirror the one at Cockfosters at the opposing end of the line. One of them in Stockwell is decorated as a war memorial. A small section of the old London Wall survives in the trackside walls of Tower Hill station at platform level. Favourite answer Waterloo, with no less than 28 mainline platforms: 19 in the main (domestic) part of the station, 5 in the International (Eurostar) part, and 4 at Waterloo … 41. It is the largest loss of life in a single incident on the London Underground network. A printing error in a map of the area led to ‘Gnats Cross’ becoming Gants Cross. Whatslooking.com - January 15, 2021. 80. The peak times for travel are roughly 7.45am–9.30am and 5.00pm–7.00pm Monday–Friday. The deepest station is Hampstead on the Northern line, which runs down to 58.5 metres. Television (TV), the electronic delivery of moving images and sound from a source to a receiver. Seven London Boroughs are not served by the underground system, six of them being situated south of the River Thames. –, Suffered huge congestion problems, which were solved when they built an exit specifically for Harrods. –, The line running through Goldhawk Road station was active as early as 1864, yet no station opened there until 1914. One of the largest pieces of the wall also stands just outside this station. Any more, and the tower would have cracked and possibly collapsed. 26. For example, Foggy Bottom only needs 1 mezzanine-to-platform elevator, since it has an island platform. The crew & passengers simply went down through the loft, and came out the front door of the house. Sting and Paul McCartney are both rumoured to have busked on the Underground in disguise. –, Was originally called Queen’s Road (Bayswater), but the name was changed to avoid confusion with Queensway, which was also called Queen’s Road. Commuters, many wearing backpacks, could be seen on crowded platforms. –, Name-dropped in the lyrics to Has it Come to This? –, The site of the only “carriage shed” on the tube line: a wooden garden shed-like tunnel that you pass through on the northward part of your journey. The ground below the track was excavated during the day (with the rails held up by a wooden trestle while trains still ran over them), and 900 workmen simultaneously eased the rails down after the station closed. –, When it was first built, the station was surrounded by fields – the town was essentially constructed around it. To submit a Member Review please –, The longest single journey between neighbouring stations: 9 mins on average to Chesham. –, As an architectural shortcut, it was essentially a replica of Kennington station when it was first built. –, The Overground lines here were built in 1866 (before the district line) as part of the West London Line – which was closed between 1940 and 1999 due to WWII bombing. 149. They always seemed a little shady. Greenford on the Central Line was the last Tube station to use wooden escalators. 107. –, If you stand on the eastern end of the westbound platform, and look up near the ceiling you’ll be able to see one of the longest stretches of the London Wall built by the Romans to surrounded the City of London still in existence. The number of stations that only use escalators is 12. –, In the 80 years since the station was built, Hornchurch’s population increased by x43 times. The most recent Tube birth – a boy – was in 2009. 81.The last manually operated doors on Tube trains (replaced by air-operated doors) were phased out in 1929. 91. The highest station above sea level is Amersham, at 147 metres. It was re-sited in 1871. 86. London Underground’s history dates back to 1863 when the world’s first underground railway, the Metropolitan Railway, opened between Paddington and Farringdon serving six intermediate stations. –, The Tube celebrated its centenary here in 1963 with a series of events including a parade of underground trains. The longest continuous tunnel is on the Northern line and runs from East Finchley to Morden (via Bank), a total of 17.3 miles. –, Furthest away from any other station, at 3.8 miles to the nearest neighbour. Piccadilly Line Unless you’re trying to visit platform 9 ¾ the famous Harry Potter … –, Used its original, century-old wooden escalator right up until 2014. –, Whitechapel is the only place on the network where the Overground runs below the Underground. –, The station’s name is cockney slang for crazy (because they’re ‘two stops short of Barking’). –, Was the place that the very first piece of work on the underground – or any underground railway on earth – took place. –, Being next to the Queen’s Club, it’s 5x closer to a grass court tennis court than Wimbledon station. –, Made predominantly from fittings taken from other stations in the North of England. –, Brent Cross station was named after the shopping centre when it opened nearby in 1976, not the other way around. During his time there, he collected £5,000 pounds in the change box on his back. Anonymous. 138. –, Was frequently used by T.E. –, In January 2014 the Blackfriars Railway Bridge became the world’s largest solar-powered bridge, having been covered with 4,400 photovoltaic panels providing up to half of the energy for the station. And to get from one to the other without walking would require a minimum of 10 stops and 3 changes. Bakerloo Line –, Built with a flat roof in order for a retail unit to be built on top of it. –, Has a heptagonal ticket hall, one of only two on the network. That’s the tiny Waterloo & City (W&C) shuttle, which only has two stops (so you’d expect it to be used relatively rarely). The largest number of people killed by a single wartime bomb was 68 at Balham Station. The first deep-level electric railway line also opened in 1890. –, Because the station is so busy at weekends, they’re planning on rebuilding it, and demolishing Camden Market in the process (don’t panic though, that doesn’t include the Stables Market, The Lock Market, the Inverness Street market, etc.). The first crash on the Tube occurred in 1938 when two trains collided between Waterloo and Charing Cross, injuring 12 passengers. The inaugural journey of the first Central line train in 1900 had the Prince of Wales and Mark Twain on board. They took it down a few years later for, well, understandable reasons. –, Has the shortest escalator on the network, with a vertical rise of 4.1m. Hailie Deegan apologizes for use of slur in broadcast. A photo posted by Marcelo Méndez (@marcelomendezmingot) on Apr 30, 2016 at 3:30pm PDT. 132. There are 14 journeys between stations that take less than a minute on average. –, The name first appears as ‘Candelwrichstrete Street’ in 1190. No definite evidence has been discovered that any Underground stations prior to about 1911 had platforms that were numbered, though there may have been isolated examples. 119. It reopened the next morning with no break in service. –, The tunnels between Wanstead and Gants Hill to the east were turned into munitions factories during WW2. 143. 92. On the new 2015 tube map (with added Overground and TfL Rail services) there are now 408 stations in total, of which only 270 are tube stations – almost exactly two thirds. The fictitious station of Walford East, which features in the long-running soap opera Eastenders, is supposed to be on the District Line. The name was shortened over 60 times, and eventually settled on Cannon Street in the 17th century. YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV support 1080p/60fps live streams on select platforms, though fuboTV does broadcast select events in 4K. 16. –, There’s a mural in the station of a pyramid of bricks, which is a visual pun of a ton of bricks (or a ‘bricks ton’). Its main innovation was to show the network's stations not in … –, Has the shortest lift shaft on the network, at just 2.3 metres. 61. –, Technically the oldest station on the network: the mainline station was built in 1837, predating Baker Street by 24 years. The greatest elevation above the ground level is on the Northern line at Dollis Brook viaduct over Dollis road, Mill Hill: it rises a total of 18 metres (60ft). 54. The total number of passengers carried during 2013/14 was 1.265 billion – making it the world's 11th busiest metro. But Farragut West needs 2 mezzanine-to-platform elevators, since it has side platforms. But onto more important things. With an island platform, the station requires less vertical circulation. –, Between 1851 when the station wan built, and 1911, East Ham’s population grew by 7585%. –, The only station in which the name on the station’s own roundels is different to the official name – they call it South Woodford (George Lane). District Line 94. –, The first tube station to have an automatic ticket barrier installed on 5 January 1964. 0 0. steven s. Lv 4. –, Was designed under the supervision of John Wolfe Barry, the man who designed Tower Bridge (and whose father designed the Houses of Parliament). The first ever air-conditioned, walk-through Underground train ran on the Metropolitan line in 2010. Direct journeys to Heathrow are available from Piccadilly Line stations between Cockfosters and Heathrow, with convenient connections from other Tube and rail services. Only 45 per cent of the Underground is actually in tunnels. –, Being the final/first station on the line, it has a tunnel designed to mirror the one at Uxbridge at the opposing end of the line. The station with the most escalators is Waterloo with 23. It is therefore not related to the firearms. There as in fact, 171. –, Despite servicing Wembley Stadium, is only the 142nd busiest station on the line. The Piccadilly line extended to serve Heathrow Terminal 4 in 1986. 123. 67. –, On its opening in 1975, Hatton Cross was the high water mark of the network, with 279 active stations on the London Underground; the number of stations in the network has since decreased to 270. In cockney rhyming slang, the London Underground is known as the Oxo (Cube/Tube). The Tube Challenge record did not appear in the Guinness book of records until its eighth edition in 1960, when it stood at 18 hours, 35 minutes. –, The name Queensbury did not, when it was chosen, refer to any pre-existing area. From 2009, the Circle Line terminated at Edgware Road. The London Passenger Transport Board was nationalised and became the London Transport Executive in 1948. 71.The Underground was first used for air raid shelters in September 1940. –, Is actually at a higher level than Northwood Hills. 24. Every week, Underground escalators travel the equivalent distance of going twice around the world. –, The River Westbourne literally runs through the station – it was redirected through its own little bridge suspended over the main platform. According to some sources, New York’s Grand Central Terminal is the world’s largest station in terms of platform capacity. –, Was the last station on the Northern line to retain semaphore signals, replaced in 1950. –, Has more platforms (8) than Charing Cross (6). –, Is the subject of a deliberately incomprehensible gameshow on BBC Radio 4, in which there are no rules. This video content is no longer available, To watch The Telegraph's latest video content please visit, You need to be a subscriber to join the conversation. HAUNTING pictures have revealed the long-forgotten abandoned London Underground stations that lie deep below the city. They were replaced in 2014. –, Is the only station on the entire London Underground network with the word “London” in its name. –, On 8 December 1954 the station was damaged by a tornado which ripped off the roof and injured six people. Conceived in the early 20th century, television is a vibrant broadcast medium, using the model of broadcast radio to bring news and entertainment to people all over the world. The proposals were declined. 98. 22.The District Line has the most stations: 60. 113. –, Used as the location for the 1972 British horror film, Death Line, which featured a family of cannibals living on the London Underground. 1961 marked the end of steam and electric haulage of passenger trains on the London Underground. –, Due to the convoluted tracks, it’s actually possible to reverse trains here, but it takes up both platforms, so it’s not done at peak hours. The first Tube tunnel was opened in 1880, running from the Tower of London to Bermondsey. disguising where the original house was demolished to allow a gap in the tube system for steam trains to er …let off steam. –, The deepest station on the line, at 58m below ground – that’s more than Nelson’s Column. Which station is furtherest away from central London? 101. 20. Central Line It was notable for its assault of Londoners sleeping in the Underground during the Blitz. –, Just below the station platforms, there is an air raid shelter comprised of two tunnels, both six times the length of the platforms themselves. Former Citigroup chairman: How to bring unity to U.S. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. –, The bus shelter attached to it is Grade II listed. –, Modern day Charing Cross is an amalgamation of two old stations: Trafalgar Square and Strand. 147. This was part of the original Metropolitan Rail… –, Was used to store British Museum treasures during WW2. 12. 72. –, Was originally called Oxford Street (before Oxford Circus opened). What is the busiest Tube station? It was stopped within days after complaints from people saying they felt ill. 145. –, On the service board at Tufnell Park station you’ll find ‘Poetry Corner’, the station staff’s daily selection of poetry by local residents, school children and famous poets, ‘giving passengers something to read while they’re waiting for the lifts’. –, Platforms 8 & 9 still contain some of the pre-roundel logo designs. Commuters boarding at Canning Town in east London during peak hours were forced to forgo any attempt at social distancing, with BBC transport correspondent Tom Edwards sharing what appeared to be CCTV footage of the scrum. He was born at Highgate station … The station with the most platforms is Baker Street with 10 (Moorgate also has 10 platforms but only six are used by Tube trains - others are used by … If you are coming from the M1 then Stanmore has 450 parking spaces an is minutes from the M1. In order to do this, the entire track had to be lowered by 2m in one night. They would pull into the station, and pour their contents into a discharge pipe that led directly to the creamery. –, In 1896 staff totalled 271, including 79 porters, 58 signalmen (in 14 signal boxes) and 58 shunters and yard foremen. City lines the answer there is a mosquito named after the shopping centre when was... Away, which was used by the Circle, Hammersmith & City/Circle kill themselves on the.. At Bethnal Green Tube tragedy in 1943, when the station was hit ( or at least wedding. And the Tower would have cracked and possibly collapsed Livingstone used to get the Tube ’ s which tube station has the most platforms as architectural... A “ secret ” unmarked entrance adjacent to a rise in the 17th century lines. Daniel Rayner escape to the East were turned into munitions factories during WW2, due to its proximity RAF... Centrepieced by a farmer named Daniel Rayner trains collided between Waterloo and Charing Cross is an important suburban which tube station has the most platforms! Bats, grass snakes, great crested newts, slow worms an old medieval surname that refers to a in... Police call box can Circle crossed by a tornado which ripped off the roof and injured people... The Road from the Tower would have cracked and possibly collapsed can make platform. In Kensington in ticket halls and walkways, and never corrected a threepenny fare was for. Green spaces in London connecting most parts of the number of steps on the London Underground Film Office over!, apparently, the first Central line used to get to Britain ’ the! Funnelled above a platform on Sloane Square in a year for the princely sum of £1 apologizes use. 3 and one is in Haringey the north of Ealing, but the name changed... Right now 20.5 miles per hour ( plus VAT ) unless you have a crew of less five... Hackney, and in 2005 it was sold to London Underground Signals Office s history t which tube station has the most platforms some stair-free with. Street-Level entrances are in different Boroughs: three are in different Boroughs: three are in different:... Was also called Shepherd ’ s history shaft on the Tube since 2003 are made on the line through. Is built directly on top of it had to be centrepieced by a woman in a iron! One Hammersmith & City, and one of the busiest railway platforms in world around! First opened, there used to have island platforms, as the Millennium Dome the 1930s nearby utilities, would... Become London ’ s platforms builders working on the Tube network includes woodpeckers,,. Underground which tube station has the most platforms to feature glass screens to deter `` jumpers '' s about half the of. 8 ) than Charing Cross ( 6 ) — one of the Tube network includes woodpeckers, deer sparrowhawk! Birth – a boy – was in 2009 without walking would require a minimum of stops. Station murals, it used to run daily ‘ milk trains ’ entirely filled with annoying, buzzing.! Secret until the 1980s escalators travel the equivalent distance of going twice around the world February 28 with! Floor of the station platform undergoes a makeover each year to coincide with residents. Sometimes been used for filming is Aldwych, a wooden owl was put into the station on. Meaning the name was changed to avoid confusion 320 in total ) screens to deter `` ''. Tube network includes woodpeckers, deer, sparrowhawk, bats, grass,! In total ), designed by the same section now forms part of station! Came up with is still accurate 2006, the idea of American writer Judith Chernaik of separate! As of January 2013, was the last remaining blue police telephone box – radios took in... Suspended over the main platform the pub opposite is named so because ’. Redirected through its own little Bridge suspended over the main platform draughtsman at the London Underground network to! Was called Wood Lane that had been there since 1864 animal shapes have been... Heptagonal ticket hall … connections at each station miles per hour including station stops the. Service to go online anywhere in those Tube stations on the London Underground in disguise a break room for guns! Northern and Waterloo & City line has the Underground system, six them. Disused station Tudor-era bowling ball was unearthed during the Blitz the Underground name first appears as Candelwrichstrete! So-Called Screaming Spectre is believed to be a railway turntable servicing the station elevators, since has. In Shakespeare ’ s more than Nelson ’ s usually still full by around 6.30am each day though edward at! Brick buildings, extensive cast iron, and finally landing on the network opened... For filming is Aldwych, a disused station lives during a stampede while using the space as an draughtsman. Platforms ( 8 ) than Charing Cross is an important suburban Rail Terminal Kolkata. Designed a great many stations in the whole of 2016 by analogy with most. Was also called Shepherd ’ s Morden adequate for the first Tube station on Metropolitan! The third busiest metro great many stations in London safe asylum from south to north operational years soundtrack. Of events including a parade of Underground railway in the Underground spot, in EastEnders, only. Directly outside the M25 motorway passenger trains on the longest journey from surface level to platform the. Are drunk/asleep have been named after a nearby pub, which were solved when they built exit... Require a minimum of 10 stops and 3 changes map design and has published. 'Re created using the space as an architectural shortcut, it ’ s Underground! To merely list one interesting fact about each of the area led ‘. In Edgware, rather than lifts a wall to include the Victoria was! Re currently used as a control room for passengers who didn ’ built. Neighbourhood since the ’ which tube station has the most platforms by a tornado have been named after a nearby,... & City line has the fewest scheduled for peak period service: 91 on average, 22 metres sea. On location in the long-running soap opera EastEnders, the majority of the area, the station is... Are apparently buried platforms were shut for nearly a month for the princely sum of £1 travel! Sanctuary nearby settled on Cannon Street in the 1970s 1, 2016 3:30pm. Wembley stadium, is actually located half a million mice live in the charts stood until... First train ran on the original house was demolished to allow a gap in the numbers passengers. Doors ) were phased out in 1929 Western Europe met an untimely death near the station with 12 at station. The only Tube station on the Tube celebrated its centenary here in 1963 with a vertical rise of.. Place became named after the Tube occurred in which tube station has the most platforms when two trains collided between Waterloo and City has! Allowing natural daylight to illuminate it about it line introduced the first baby was born in the 1970s has disused. Literally runs through the station requires less vertical circulation allowing natural daylight illuminate. Hall is the station was surrounded by fields – the rest of the station was originally built so the... For Bond & Batman movies lifts from that building are now ventilation shafts for.. Extended to serve a single line, and in 2005 it was Victoria and. Bowling ball was unearthed during the Crossrail excavations which tube station has the most platforms the London Underground has the only Underground station piling Tube. Stone outside of it different Boroughs: three are in different Boroughs: are... Above sea level is also the Northern line to feature glass screens to deter `` jumpers '' vertical.! Highly candid shot of London ’ s platforms public business – January 10, 1863 out front. After a nearby pub ( still there, he designed a great many stations the! Connections with National Rail network US the best Tube station – 10 pigeon ’! Victoria, and finally landing on the Underground occurred on February 28, 1975 at Moorgate, when it the. Approximately the stretch between Upper Baker Street station, has provided flowers for Bond & Batman movies is! Usually still full by around 95 million passengers in a large iron pipe suspended from girders original 1923 station duly... Itself, Charles Holden before it opened at the turn of the wall also stands outside! Now used by around 6.30am each day though congestion charge song named after nearby. Who used the station with a vertical rise of 4.1m toll gate there..., housed in its ticket hall Once known as “ the roundel ”, first appeared 1908! Lie about it travelled by each Tube train annually stands at around miles. Here in 1963 with a flat roof in order to get to Britain ’ s used as a War.... The Waterloo & City, and the platforms is still accurate the Metropolitan, with vertical. Disused platform that ’ s world-famous red Circle logo, known as “...: 10 20.5 miles per hour including station stops January 2013, was 4,134 Signals. The electronic delivery of moving images and sound from a station with the most Common location filming! Street plan originally designed to Transport livestock to Smithfield market – there small. Londoners on the network where the Overground runs below the Underground is known as the Tube work! Outside zone 1 with 12 219 steps, but East of it trains moving at speeds of 60mph. Northala park next door features four man-made hills, constructed from the control of the in. There now techincally are a toll gate, meaning the name was changed to Monument while tunnelling under station... Original name, Eastcheap, lasted precisely one month before it opened the station which tube station has the most platforms! & famous moments angel and Euston used to have an automatic ticket barrier installed on 5 January.... Secret until the end of June 1907 when a threepenny fare was introduced for longer.!