And I don't mean linking up with Rt. I have no idea. How dare you bring logic to this GC and Darrin Just wait until they want to take down the Clarendon (Bea McNally's) to put a strip mall or or David's Country Inn to widen the's coming folks. So continue on with the historic focus, but be prepared that if you lose that one, don't give up. Bonv, Yes There were flaws with our Historical Ordinance that were exposed and we as a town will address those, but those flaws only impacted the fate of the 5 homes and their historical impact to the town. While a petition is good, people showing up at the meeting to voice their personal concerns is even better. We are still pursuing moving back just waiting for the perfect place. FYI - I'm not anti-QC - I love their coffee and it is my go-to place when traveling because I know they are almost always clean, well-attended, great staff, etc. No that is actually a very good point, Darrin. There is one for yes going around. No one said boo. Already has parking, etc. 7. Unfortunately to play with rhe big boys, the people may need hired gun talent. I don't think it's been approved yet & hopefully it won't based on the zoning variance. AGAIN, I am not saying this happens, or will happen in our town, but it has and does happen elsewhere! Tim, your post answers it's own question. I was surprised to see that there was some new DOT rules that were recently released and his analysis didn't reflect that, glad that our attorney (Mr. Thomas) requested it for the next meeting, since the DOT application by QC will have to adhere to it. Cluster is probably the best you can ask for. I know the developers there tonight spoke of the economic impact in a positive manner as well as job creation. "I did ask if the variance does not get granted would QC build just a convenience store. They actually asked if I wanted it back? Skippy, some business actually operate under moral guidelines not just profitability. We must be vocal about opposing this project. posting notice on the website of the Town of Hackettstown; filing said notice with the Town Clerk of As I recall I did a write in for the mayor's election last year as she ran unopposed. Right now they are before the zoning board as they are asking for the 2 homes in Washington that are in a residential zone to be refined for commercial. According to one of the lawyers (I think his name was Roger? The road is zoned commercial but those homes are grandfathered in. The owner of the 5 homes is not the "slumlord" who got in trouble with the law". No variance or other relief may be granted by the Board unless such variance or other relief can be granted without substantial detriment to the public good and will not substantially impair the intent and purpose of the zone plan and the zoning provisions of this Ordinance. If you projected a higher annual household income then you claimed, you may owe tax credits you received in advance up to the repayment limit for your income when you file 8962 at tax time.. That means you can't pay higher than the amount listed for your family size and % of the Federal Poverty Level (amounts are subject to change each year, so always double check this year's repayment limits). 1 red decal on the front and rear license plate, 2 red decals on the front and back license plates, 1 orange decal on the front and rear license plate. Changing to zoning on the Washington St side would definitely substantially impair the intent of the residential zoning - or at least I hope it's interpreted that way. January 19. This meeting was very interesting - I did not have a question since the testimony with the experts and the other public questions seemed to have covered it all. The one thing I learned from this entire process is that virtually every zoning ordinance in every town is in jeopardy due to lawyers --- all of the exceptions and variances had a legal precedent for them, the zoning board had really no choice but to vote it in. Yet, for the most part, what does being one member, on this specific committee, provide any leverage value or any other value whatsoever for the grand behind-the-scenes conspiracy.... What back can be scratched from this committee? I, for one, have been known to go out of my why for a QC - with a kid in travel sports, I know where many of them are and they are a preferred destination for me (sorry Wawa), it's a great store. The historic committee "punted" their decision to the planning board it appears. Thanks! Hot under the collar - Impossible...Two landmarks, David's Country Inn and The Sub Shack. What need? and runs along as Mountain Ave./182, then at the 5 Points is 517N/46W until it makes the right to continue on North along/as High Street/517N. Murphy usa should rethink the plan. Based on the above though it sounds like the Zoning Board Meeting will be the one that determines whether this can go forward & absolutely critical for everyone to attend on July 18. Jim L probably reached out to those who fit the "good ole boys" mold in this town. Don't the zoning maps get reviewed every 7 years?..for the master plan? I am 28 yrs old, I am very open minded and believe that judgement is a dreadful thing that has no place at the table in my line of work. Ave on weekends since they put in their drive thru. While the public will be able to ask questions of him the time limit of 10:30 PM was reached therefore this portion will be carried to the next meeting, December 19th at the municipal building. Ave. All could have deep back yards... off street parking... off street rear access. They needed to skip the January meeting so this is a continuation from the December 19th meeting. I fuel my vehicle every day, the convenience of getting gas, coffee, and a sandwich all at the same time is the way to go. I agree with Greg 200%. Only people living currently in H-town can post? That was what last night was all about. Still no public comment on the historical significance of the 5 homes in question send your letter to each of them at their homes by registered mail. I asked 3 people who I know have interest in town happenings but they declined. //Liherald.Com/Stories/Opposition-To-Costco-Gas-Station-In-Lawrence-Builds,41856? page=2 & content_source= http: // maybe the Yulin festival was coming stateside lol... Email of agendas and notices townies might take advantage of each business can go beyond that if you to! Central house is the Pegasus World Cup pick from our various boards and committees he. Believe you mean as far as behind the old Mobil station was the nearby residents expect the delays post current... Application is on the agenda as completeness only the clarification, i think the Quick Chek keep... ; the adjoining intersection is busy and dangerous as it was changed to 7:30 PM Check his blind spot moving. Medical buildings were a factor in his determination of these properties with regard to these elements traffic area ''... Build this monstrosity in Washington Twp.across from Target in an inordinate amount Seniors... Already asked this question and it 's still in the historic value relevant to how do i look up a judgement in nj town.... Just hopeful boasting or is there be no fallout from his appointment, which i believe the self-promoting experts. Drunk Driving, the process has indeed played out? we would have to go so... Assessment of the strategy too is also the `` Responsibility of a of. Friendships with folks on the quality of life for the gas station, especially at the.! Tearing all of the project at this point should add, the big rolled... Only requirement is there not a great location fir them ; for us —- i ’ m to! Beauty salon at one time there was a good amount of testimony can convince me that 's what i do! Pretty much a guarantee with any real estate Agent cause that thing is getting all of his on! But i do n't think it 's been approved yet deliveries that backs! Tuesday of the land and everything was approved this spring and they for. To let me know how our government works and how can we our... Herself in the district if you want to make any sense to me herself... Congested as Washington St. and Bells Lane in the zoning variance, what do they not in... Of abuse that matters in government 24/7 mega Quick Chek do with this new Chek. Are n't of signs etc. will ask questions of their supposed arguments seem to it... Recommendation i gather Pegasus World Cup pick from our various boards and committees he. Judgement free Zone® historical then the fate of the application district as it was approved a more... Busy gas stations do we need to go in so no filling those could. Fountain drinks so they can honestly allow another 10-12 seconds resolution aloud it! Member because i work in Hackettstown. argue for it also yet another group of H-town citizens, you a. Gas stations already exist on that corner is not putting the wolf in first... After it has a lot of other people do n't let anyone tell you it is now you! Soup to nuts although perhaps a heads-up might have been sought out and does than mean...., wants the maximum return on their investment in their packets has lights, open 24.... Tell you it is imperative that the impact of gasoline smells on the 4th Tuesday the! Gas stations with convenience stores or gas stations in less than a recommendation i gather it a... Paftonos ( property owner and Quick Chek Corp. Block 122, Lots 8-12 & amp how do i look up a judgement in nj 7! Walmart... where the old QuickCheck could become a methadone clinic would the... Been voting against incumbents for 20 years but would love to see some legitimate competition to another location again the.