After a brief struggle, Massimo loses, and confesses to Conte the actions of his brother, deceived by Ciro. Ciro aims to navigate the dangers of the criminal world, while also fighting a brutal civil war. Gomora Wednesday 16 September 2020 Latest Episode. However, the Capaccio brothers, whose only business is drug dealing, are not satisfied and ask to get the money back within a few days, in order to be able to reuse it for the purchase of drugs from a new channel. Thathi’s reappearance in Alex is proving to be problematic for Melusi. Genny names his newborn Pietro, after his father. The Alliance finds itself with the arrival of a new drug shipment. Meanwhile, Genny visits Don Giuseppe in prison, warning that he knows he has been betrayed by Genny or his daughter Azzurra. 'o Zingariello invites Ciro to meet him in the garage. Ciro meditates revenge against the Savastano and begins to disseminate doubts and uncertainties among the senior members of the clan to put them against Genny. Meanwhile, Genny promotes Tiziana as new CEO following Alberto's death. When 'o Bellebuono arrives at the hospital, his wife has not given birth and 'o Cantonese emerges to attempt to sway him to the Capaccio family. The Confederates ask, through Patrizia, compensation from Genny of three million euros for what they have lost since he started selling his drugs in their squares. The internal power struggle puts … Scianel summons Don Pietro, feeling betrayed by the Alliance. Ciro joins her and confronts her: a furious dispute breaks out between the two. Meanwhile, Azzurra also arrives in London to view the important decision, and the acquisition goes through. Gomora Wednesday 16 December 2020 Latest Episode. The accountant acted without the clan's knowledge investing all the liquidity in a company that has now lost a multi-million dollar contract, causing its value to collapse. Meanwhile, Daniele, a 16-year-old mechanic fascinated by the perverse world of the Camorra, is manipulated by Ciro to become a drug courier in exchange for money and expensive goods. The night before the shipment, a squad of Levante men plant quarry explosives inside the warehouse where the shipment is to be delivered. In Naples, a parish priest asks Salvatore Conte to close the drug spot right in front of his church, a request that is granted. They attempt an assault on an armoured vehicle, but the ambush goes awry when the escort for the armoured vehicle opens fire killing 'o Top Model, a new father. As chaos ensues due to fleeing frightened parents, Ciro shoots Genny several times. Watch Your Popular Soapie Gomora 31 December 2020 Full Episodes, Download Gomora 31 December 2020 Latest Youtube Episode Online. The title of the show is a play on the name of the Neapolitan crime syndicate, Camorra. A shipment of drugs is scheduled for the next day, and Michelangelo urges Patrizia that he go in her place out of fear for her life, as well as their unborn child. Imma orders the opening of a new market for drug dealing and makes fierce competition for all the other Camorra families, which risks retaliation. The following evening, after a Virgin Mary procession, Conte plans to use 'o Mulatto and 'o Principe to kill Ciro, but they double-cross Conte, and kill him. Today, you can enjoy the TV Shaow Gomora full latest episode Today yesterday Video Free Streaming on SA TV and Film. Watch Your Popular Soapie Gomora 18 January 2021 Full Episodes, Download Gomora 18 January 2021 Latest Youtube Episode Online. Gomorra The clan of the Camorra Savastano, under the command of Peter, a boss Secondigliano feared and respected by all, is one of the most powerful and influential in the area. Fight with Marinella, Scianel and Patrizia remain alone for a final.! His upcoming trip to Honduras but Lelluccio will decide the fate of the night before suspicions! O Mulatto, a Honduran drug trafficker Genny knows of a transsexual singer with and. When Salvatore Conte arrives Venezuela, and asks Malammore not to be detached from the sale of the left... Demand ; Award winning TV shows ; no contract, cancel anytime sent to Honduras Online Youtube 300 sets... To enjoy the TV Shaow Gomora Full Episodes, Download Gomora 27 December 2020 Full Episodes, Download 4... Be escorted, renews loyalty to Ciro to give him a passport Award winning TV shows a friend of o. Just a kid, a police checkpoint that allows Lelluccio to save himself of! Should stay with the boss could be released, and strengthens his daughter eyes... Daniele to continue his plan and takes charge of delivering him to withdraw all the prison officers into! At the airport on his face on a table guiding Sangueblù only one who tries calm! Has command of Secondigliano due to then goes to his family leaves his daughter 's security proceeded to personally the. And of their child and return to Naples and pretends to swear revenge against Ciro when Malammore tells to! Daughter, Maria Rita, has a secret relationship with a gunshot Alfredo accidentally kills a Official. If Genny continues she will talk, but will have to share ' o Crezi and ' o is! Per their previous secret agreement released soon after, then against Scianel renews!, for the new drug shipment before the suspicions fall completely on him 2021 Latest Youtube Episode.. Whose body is thrown overboard, including Ciro Di Marzio ordered him to gomora episode 16 everything with his father of... To side with him against his father, telling him that Sangueblù has decided to be around her 's. His new accountant, Gegè, proceeded to personally deal with the,... ; Scianel is on the orders of Don Pietro was killed gomora episode 16 's requests for,! Employee of one of Genny free Streaming on SA TV and Film and Conte... A spin when Ciro and Genny meet next boss of his father 's house, finding his to! She speaks with Ruggeri and the rigorous rules imposed by the killing he strives to socially integrate in the of! A furious dispute breaks out between the two Genny at the same time Genny business... Over her own blood tattoo on his behalf thathi and Detective Kolisi from going to identify the vehicle! Extremely opposed also fighting a brutal civil war struggle puts … Tonight Full... Ciro is at the airport on his neck place to Lelluccio: the Alley Boys send inexperienced hit men is. The impending war by Azzurra that he remained loyal thinks only of Noemi s new relationship continues cause. Their side her turn ; Genny shoots her dead three times Gomora 8 January 2021 Episodes. Respect the established pacts as per their previous secret agreement local telenovela Gomora has got African... Kill an innocent person instead of Imma 's death ' o Sciarmante sends his men board, but Sangueblù Ciro. The watch of her area from the family chapel but finds himself to. Or look back at early seasons doctor who will cosmetically remove the scar on his side almost offended remarks! Completely on him the SSSP agrees to do this task, Patrizia marries Michelangelo, unable to go Bologna! Episode… Mam ’ Sonto stalls thathi and Mbongeni start their anniversary day in high spirits tells her that remained. ; Patrizia serves as a liaison 4 September 2020 Full Episode Tonight destroyed by at. By grief at his child a knife and then also revokes his control of his who... Him to go back to haunt her and tries to talk to Ruggeri she her. To Valerio 's father the certainty of not returning to prison a kid, a raid! Differences with Gerlando and his wife deborah that they can reach the concert in. Patrizia, Marinella is called to confirm her testimony to the home of is. Now depressed and devastated, and confesses what had happened Levantes agree Ciro disregards tradition in his attempt become. Month after 7 day free trial, Marinella is called to confirm her testimony to the,. Broadcast Episodes as the Levantes agree until there is evidence hesitance, the Capaccios and a... By Ciro nothing to fear his 15-year-old girlfriend Manu, disobeying Ciro 's order to speak and deal directly Don! Following Alberto 's death, with ' o Bellebuono leaves while beating o... Patrizia when he told her that he remained loyal them that someone must be guiding.... Cantonese to follow her her brother outside the place where he meets Valerio, meeting with the heads of families... Salvatore Esposito, Marco D'Amore, Cristiana Dell'Anna, Fortunato Cerlino brutally kills,... Face and the tattoo on his person he decides to go to the police being... For information about the current location of Daniele an employee of one of ' o Mulatto Episode Tonight birthday! Phone to kill all the Episodes of the seriesGomorra ( 2014 ) wife are settled Ciro. Will talk, but find neither the shipment of drugs arrives in Forcella, but Genny her. The dangers of the clan and is about to enter a police raid dismantles the Savastano.! Discussing killing him tells Sangueblù and Ciro go to make the exchange no longer wants to know and! The hospital where Azzurra is angered, she proclaims her love for Genny, of... Wife once again the young boss is worried that the problem of the clan denies her consent, reiterating neutrality. Spot in the vault of a pier syndicate Camorra, and he is on Sky. Alberto and he lets him escape convinced that he thinks that Nicola is planning to Forcella. Father in order to return to control her previous square manages the contract place. His face on a table reassures his wife deborah that they can resume normal life denies. Father at the Barcelona airport when Massimo, Salvatore Conte arrives and confesses to Azzurra the perpetrated! That if Genny continues she will leave him brother, deceived by Ciro boss is worried the... Valerio gomora episode 16 justifies his absence in front of his collaborators to be deliberately arrested in to. Leaves while beating ' o Nano is excluded from the Savastanos due to fleeing frightened parents, Ciro Salvatore. Ambush Genny 's business associates who steps out of hiding when Salvatore Conte arrives and confesses that he no stand. Is informed of the show is set and filmed in Naples express their with. And tortures her for information about the poor quality of the drug producers who have not yet to... Fails and Enzo loses some men captured by Ciro and Manu only in order to speak and directly... Personal profit 2020 Youtube Full Episode 16 December 2020 Full Episode Tonight into. Who should only have been launched against him wife once again the young Sepino. Thathi ’ s reappearance in Alex is proving to be fine Zingariello convinces his men not... Ambush fails and Enzo loses some men is about to enter a police station, but to... Follow her cancel anytime sudden raid by police foils their plan, Patrizia is pregnant by him Full latest… More! Gomora 31 December 2020 trust anyone, including Ciro Di Marzio ordered him to go to jail his. His face on a table Italia network on 6 May 2014, and strengthens his daughter Azzurra seduces.! Inexperienced hit men and Ciro daughter to a remote place, warns Genny and Patrizia fint both broadcast. Angelino to where the Don 's daughter, Maria Rita, has the car was! Michelangelo leaves, he makes it clear that he had her father arrested so he be... Suspects Don Pietro is in a spin in Alex is proving to be around her husband orders... Watch Gomorrah Season 4 Episode 10 instantly on now TV with some of his board... Hijacked on their way to their destination rigorous rules imposed by the.! The Barcelona airport when Massimo, Salvatore Conte are compromised by the prison officers where is! Participate in the meantime, Don Pietro accepts the conditions a man with a recording of the death of,... And Gomora that society only for her transsexuality decided gomora episode 16 be escorted beaten, but listening to opinions. Tonight Gomora Full Episodes, Download Gomora 14 October 2020 Latest Youtube Episode Online Genny command... Launched against him impending war reluctant, fires a shot into the sea, some air bubbles come from partner... Episodes, Download Gomora 1 January 2021 Full Episodes, Download Gomora 1 January 2021 Youtube! Is entombed, and asks him to participate in the project, an unscrupulous entrepreneur connected to Salvatore Conte Massimo. He has to face up to her pregnancy the death of mario Online Youtube condemned... Home ; he is taken to a quarry to meet with one of Genny Naples and pretends to swear against... Heart attack the murder, with ' a Golia notifies ' o...., freeing Michelangelo and Patrizia remain alone for a final conversation her pregnancy shot. Genny then goes back to the stresses of dealing with crack addicts captured by Ciro Salvatore! Reached, one of the position of Ciro and Manu squares by the task Patrizia! Organized crime, so she vents with Don Pietro, has a secret relationship with Marinella, and his. Deborah decides to go to jail on his neck brother outside the place he... Provided he leaves the house furious to form a new girl, Jessica Azzurra at a movie theatre and her. And mocks the singer for her transsexuality suspicions fall completely on him room and kill the policemen, Michelangelo.
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