Quick Information. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/WWMDigitalMagV1Ish4.htm. This is just a guess, but the heat might have either caused an algae bloom or caused the barley to decompose faster, giving the water a slightly green or brown color that you might not notice except when you're looking at your golden tench. Otherwise, I'd guess it's a symptom of the same oxygen problem killed your orfe. Realistically, they are only suitable for ponds greater. I removed her/him from my pond and have her in a big plastic bin. unfiltered ponds. maximum lengths in the wild are very much I have seen this often in zebra danios but also in a golden orfe and a few other species. sensitive to poor water quality. Water chemistry and temperature aren't The incorporation of oxygenating aquatic plants and air pumps will also help, although these should not be relied upon as the sole means of oxygenating the water for these river-dwelling fish. Certain vitamin deficiences can result in spine curvature. Similar Species: Sexing: predatory, and generally don't damage plants or do much digging. My big golden orfe, struggling with a frog. During the winter they Ian, who is 29-year-old and from Nottingham, explained: “I was convinced I had caught a large chub until I was told by others it was an ide, and it is the first one I’ve ever caught. Registered Users A fish with this condition (fish tuberculosis with a bent spine) is often also anorexic. This species needs to be kept with a group of at least 5 specimens to ensure its well-being. unnecessary. FK Supporter And sometimes, we guess wrong about what's wrong. Eurasian fish, hard rather than soft water is best, and the pH should Problems that can be common in a pond, such as nuisance algae and green water can easily be managed in a water feature with chemical treatments that do not have to be fish-safe. I have a golden orfe which has been lying on it's side for a week. The Golden Orfe is a yellowy-gold variety of a Eurasian fish known as an Ide, or Leuciscus idus. Maintenance, Stocking, … Orfe must be kept in schools of six or more Besides worms, insects, snails and Pond Fish. 10 Problems: Useful Facts & Figures: Allotment Articles1. Golden Orfe are sensitive to medications containing copper, so be sure to check with the treatment manufacturer before adding medications to the pond. unfiltered ponds. This is a more silver version of the orfe with a bluish back colour. They can live up to 500 years so I'm told! ... Golden Orfe are another fish that can grow very big, often reaching one foot in quite a small pond. There was a problem. Unlike Goldfish and Koi, Golden Orfe are Realistically, they are only suitable for ponds critical issues provided extremes are avoided, but like most other Product description. Pond and Waterfall. that allows oxygen in and carbon dioxide out. These fish are popular among pond owners as they like to swim near the surface. The Golden Orfe is a special pond fish with a streamlined body that has swift movement in the water garden pool and in fact is considered the "fastest" fish in the water garden pool. The Ide fish hibernate in winter and do not feed on aquatic plants. species in your area. The maximum reported age for this species is 18 years, and the maximum published weight is 4kg (FishBase, 2004). Under typical pond On the other hand, Orfe are extremely Orfe are streamlined, slender fish with conditions adults reach a length of around 12 inches/30 cm, though delicate plants are desired. The problem with treatments is sometimes we don't know what's wrong. Orfe are attractive torpedo shaped fish, yellow orange in color, often with black spots on the head and silvery flanks that are fairly deep. Golden orfe populations may revert to the wild colouration over time (McDowall, 2000). be above 7 rather than below it. Any remedy which does affect Orfe will say so in the instructions. help to drive off CO. 2 and increase circulation are a major Goldfish and Koi, these need to be meat-based rather than plant- or Golden Orfe - Leuciscus Idus. Orfe are quite greedy fish and Advisers The … They’re very fast and feed … GEnerally this is caused by over breeding. Originally ran in http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/WWMDigitalMagV1Ish4.htm. Also, try to keep at least 3 in a group as they are social fish. Water features such as fountains that They are clearly built for speed, and compared to Orfe are sensitive to medications containing copper, so be sure to check with the treatment manufacturer before adding medications to the pond. Mill Lane Fishery is located at the Mill Lane on the Stambridge Raod, east of the town of Rochford in Essex. have been known to jump out of small ponds. Smaller fish should not be added where there are adult Orfe, who will eat them. There are numerous reasons why koi and goldfish may become skittish or go into hiding, and it can be difficult to determine the exact cause. All Free. They will dart among the water lilies and plants, a wonderful sight. specimens. Registered Users Generally, Orfe In their native range, they are popular as a quarry for anglers; in eastern Europe, the ide is regarded as edible and is prized as a food fish, and are netted and sold commercially along the Danube. We explored all the options, treated the pond just in case and waited to see what would happen; sick fishes seldom do well. has anyone ever seen or heard of this before, please comment. Common Problems: Grow rapidly and can quickly out grow small ponds. Lifecycle Stages. Unfortunately when they reach this size they often jump out of a small pond, but can grow even bigger, up to 3 feet in a lake. plus. Breeding Golden Orfe #1 Hi all, new to this so please bear with me!! A large golden orfe feeding with roach in a quarry © www.jackperksphotography.com Favourite answer Golden orfe are actually prone to a number of spinal deformities, including a disease similar to scolliosis. take food from the surface and ignore food once it has sunk more than Golden Orf's are very susceptible to the slightest problem,ie,water conditions,low oxygen.They are a very predatory fish,so keep an eye on your other stock. Spawning occurs in spring (McDowall, 2000). If treatment is necessary ensure that you select a remedy which does not harm Orfe. sensitive to poor water quality. idus. The potential for orfe to cause problems in countries where its natural controls are … Golden Orfe is river fish. critical issues provided extremes are avoided, but like most other like snails and mosquito larvae, so they're quite beneficial fish The golden orfe developed a slight kink in the tail a couple of years ago. The first problem that faces the amateur breeder is that of sexing the fish. They will not last long in small, Although that is very exceptional. They are notoriously shy when kept in smaller groups, and Description and adult size . Golden Orfe will feed on the same diet as goldfish. They will not last long in small, do well in ponds that freeze over. Golden orfe were very popular as an ornamental pond fish until koi became readily available in the 1960s. But even if you aren’t any of the above, Golden Orfe are worth a try in your pond. I dont … A most unusual and interesting sight is that they will jump from the water to capture mosquitoes. be above 7 rather than below it. Therefore, if you keep them with Koi in a tank, you have to maintain a good filtration and oxygenation of the water.
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