Shinobu Time - Part 1 . Episode 26 Previous Episode 20 Summary Three 23. Episode 08 Nadeko Medusa, Part 4 • 16. Nadeko Medusa, Part 1 Otorimonogatari: Nadeko Medusa Sono Ichi 囮物語 なでこメドゥーサ 其ノ壹 : Nadeko Sengoku`s classmates are all strained thin due to the “hocus-pocus” of con artist Deishu Kaiki. VOFAN September 21, 2013 Summary Three • 17. Nadeko is apprehensive of Ougi because of the unusual greeting and the abrupt mention of her name despite not being familiar to Nadeko. Otorimonogatari REACTION! Nadeko Medusa, Part 2 Episode 06 Hitagi Rendezvous, Part 2 • 18. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! 16. Free. Immediately, Nadeko's eyes burn red and her hair turns into countless … Summary Two THE IDOLM@STER Break! LuffyTDS 433 views. Monogatari Series Second Season Episode 12 Recap: “Nadeko Medusa, Part One” Monogatari Series Second Season Episode 12, Monogatari Series Timeline and Watch Guide. Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Shinobu Time, Part 1 Hitagi End, Part 4 However, Koyomi's calm approach is overcome by Shinobu's harsher chastising of Nadeko's character. However, despite their combined might, Shinobu is swatted away while Nadeko drives a spike through Koyomi's heart. Paintwork is done partially by hand and therefore final products may vary. Afterwards, Ougi leaves on her bicycle, leaving Nadeko perplexed as if time was stolen from her. The figure is based on the cover illustration of the Otorimonogatari Volume 2 / Nadeko Medusa (Part 2) Blu-ray & DVD. Hulu. Watch Monogatari - Season 4, Episode 13 - Nadeko Medusa, Part 2: Nadeko Sengoku is asked by Kuchinawa, a snake deity, to find his object of worship. Next Episode 24 Kuchinawa, now in a good mood, tells Nadeko that he will grant her a wish. She eats it abruptly without listening to them, and then, she turns into a poisonous snake-like goddess. Romaji After … 13 Nadeko Medusa - Part 4 2013-10-13 14 Shinobu Time - Part 1 2013-10-27 15 Shinobu Time - Part 2 2013-11-03 Nadeko Medusa - Part 1 (S03E10) is the tenth episode of season three of "Monogatari" relea... More Nadeko Medusa - Part 1 (S03E10) is the tenth episode of season three of "Monogatari" released on Sun Sep 22, 2013. Nadeko Medusa, Part 2 S 4 : Ep 13 Aired 9/28/13 (24:24) go. Monogatari Series Second Season Nadeko Sengoku Medusa Ver. Watch Monogatari Second Season Episode 14, Nadeko Medusa Part Three, on Crunchyroll. Episode 10 Episode 09 Koyomi Reverse, Part 6. Ougi Dark, Part 2 • 20. Hitagi End - Part 2 . Season List Episode 01 Episode 19 Itamura Tomoyuki Iwasaki Taisuke Shinbou Akiyuki Sugiyama Nobuhiro Tatsuwa Naoyuki Watanabe Akio Yase Yuuki Info. Part 1 of 4. Summary One S 4 : Ep 6 Aired 8/10/13 (24:24) See All Videos. Hulu. Nadeko realizes that she would say yes to Kuchinawa regardless of whatever happens to her and thus, finds herself moving closer to an inevitable battle against Koyomi. "Nadeko Medusa, Part 1" (なでこメドゥーサ 其ノ壹, Nadeko Medūsa Sono Ichi) is the twelfth episode of the Monogatari Series Second Season anime series, first broadcast on September 21, 2013. Production Staff Free. Nadeko Medūsa Sono Ichi Episode 02 Kuchinawa asks Nadeko to help her and she agrees. Turning back to October 31st, Nadeko, who remains depressed over the events of June, meets Ougi Oshino by chance. Episode 07 From the anime Bakemonogatari Series Second Season comes a 1/8th scale figure of Nadeko Sengoku in her medusa version. Mayoi Hell, Part 2 • 16. Nadeko has just found the sacred Kuchinawa's body in front of Koyomi and Shinobu. Hiroyuki Tsuchiya Koyomi Reverse, Part 3 • 4. 26. Summary One Koyomi, puzzled by her reaction to being involved again with an oddity, assumes that Nadeko is also confused. Volume 3 Mini-Album,,_Part_1?oldid=16750. Bakemonogatari Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. 1/8 Scale Figure Please note that photos shown may differ from the final product. Hitagi End - Part 1 . The voice, who calls himself Kuchinawa, soon appears as a large white snake coiled around the shrine complex, and asks a favor from Nadeko.

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