I'm gonna rip you to pieces! Dodoria is able to help him collect most of the Dragon Balls by mercilessly slaughtering the Namekiansas a means to extract information from them. Professional Status Blast DEF 130,056 . Dodoria ドドリア Dodoria Anime name Dodoria Manga name Dodoria Alternate names Commander Dodoria Debut Manga: Chapter #247 Anime: "Brood of Evil" Appears in Race Unknown Date of death December 18th, Age 762 Occupation Commander / General Allegiance Planet Trade Organization Family Frieza (boss) Zarbon (cohort) Cui (cohort) He is intelligent but often lets his anger get the best of him, which results in violent rages and an uncontrollable lust for carnage and destruction, with Frieza's strong word the only thing that can keep him calm. Perhaps the best resource to confirm Dodoria's power level is the RPG game, Legend of the Super Saiyan, where in the battle against Dodoria, he is at a maximum of 22,000. https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Power_Level_Manipulation SSJ Goku who is confirmed to be at a power level of 150,000,000 has only 400 units of Ki in the begining so it means, one KI unit in this game worth 375,000 BP (making Frieza - 320 KI). However, by the time we get up to these kinds of power levels, weaker fighters can still muster attacks that can do considerable damage to opponents that are stronger them. Manga He was defeated and killed by Vegeta. In the manga, Dodoria has only three fingers per hand while he has more human-like four fingers and a thumb in the anime. In Xenoverse 2's Frieza's Siege event, Dodoria is one the many invading members of the Frieza Force that the Future Warrior may encounter and will make reference to the Warrior's choice of faction within the Frieza's Spaceship time rift anomaly before fighting the Future Warrior. Main article: Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock, Dodoria and Zarbon appear in HD format in the "Episode of Bardock" special. As he makes his way back to Frieza, Dodoria is attacked and forced into the waters below by an unknown force. Dodoria blinded by Krillin's Solar Flare in Xenoverse 2. Dodoria ドドリア Personal Data Universe 7th Universe Race Alien Status Deceased Gender Male Professional Status Team(s) Dodoria Crew (Anime only) Affiliation(s) Freeza Army Partner(s) Zarbon First Appearance Manga Debut Volume #21 Chapter #247 Movie Debut Dragon Ball Super: Broly Techniques Air Dance Technique Continuous Life Cultivation Wave Life Cultivation Wave Life Cultivation Wave from the Mouth Tools Fighting Jacket Scouter Image Gallery Character Image Gallery. He has also appeared as a boss in Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Saiyan where the fight ensues after he destroys the team's spaceship. He has protruding spikes on his arms and head. However, Frieza reassures him that it will not be necessary to kill Bardock separately since he has decided to destroy the entire Saiyan race. Xeno Dodoria. "Planet Namek, Cold and Dark" But due to his intense training with Frieza, Tagoma's must be much higher than this. HP 2,044,231. Dodoria in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi. Afterward, Chronoa puts the scrolls back together causing the altered history to disappear and the proper history to be restored. After the village elder Moori ruined their chances of locating the other Dragon Balls by destroying their scouters, Dodoria attempts to attack the elderly Namekian in revenge, although he is quickly called back by Frieza to deal with the three Namekian warriors first. Vegeta soon shows up on Namek with his own desire to find the Dragon Balls and quickly kills Cui, who was sent to dispose of Vegeta. Zarbon, however, orders Dodoria to chase after the two runts while he deals with the other two. Dodoria is a character in the manga, Dragon Ball, and the anime, Dragon Ball Z, and makes brief comebacks in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn and in Dragon Ball GT. Power Level. Zarbon, Frieza and Dodoria during a flashback. As one of Frieza's elites, Dodoria is fairly powerful. Dodoria assumes the Warrior is from Earth (regardless of their race) and Vegeta has teamed up with the Earthlings including the "runts" Krillin and Gohan. Dodoria escapes from Hell alongside Zarbon and they wreak havoc on Earth with other villains. Frieza Force(Frieza's Elite) (Team Dodoria)Dark Empire[6][4] The Future Warrior is tasked with assisting Vegeta in defeating Dark Dodoria so Vegeta can finish him off. Future Trunks arrives and chases off Slug. Do you hear me?! Dodoria with Ginyu and Frieza in Tagoma's flashback. The most noticeable trait that Dodoria has is his ability to throw his weight around. He also tends to underestimate his foes. Dodoria used his scouter to measure the power level of several Namekians (although he didn't take into account that they hide their real power levels). Rebuking that Vegeta has gotten stronger, Dodoria tries to finish quickly with the Maximum Buster. Moori refuses and orders his grandsons, Cargo and Dende, to run away while he buys them time.

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