The Temperament Model of Behavior           

 John T. Cocoris, Th.M., Psy.D.

As a result of 35 years of research with a diverse population, Dr. Cocoris identified new insights into people's behavior using the temperament model. Since the mid 1970s John has personally tested and interviewed thousands of people in the business community and as a therapist. Dr. Cocoris founded Profile Dynamics in 1984 to research, develop and promote the Temperament Model of Behavior. As a consultant, John helps companies use the temperament model to hire and develop employees. He has taught new salespeople how to use the temperament model in sales for years. As a licensed therapist for a mental health hospital, John interviewed nearly one thousand people in emergency rooms and hospitals gaining insights into behavior. While at the mental health hospital, Dr. Cocoris worked with every group, including adults, children, those with multiple-personalities and those in intensive care. This extensive research has led to the publishing of two books, five manuals, the DISC II Temperament Assessment and more. The DISC II Temperament Assessment was validated by the University of Texas at Arlington in 2007.  Marc C. Frame, Ph.D., led the team of researchers.


Dr. Cocoris developed the DISC3 Temperament Assessment in 2013 for exclusive use by Minus Zero, a California based leadership development company; The DISC3 is being independently validated by Mark C. Frame, Ph.D,  now with Middle Tennessee State University. The project is expected to take a year to complete.


Is There a Problem Person in Your Life?



  1. The Temperament Model of Behavior, Born With Natural Tendencies
  2. The Problem Person in Your Life, Understanding People of Extremes

Two new books coming (release date to be determined):


  1. 7 Steps To A Better You, How To Develop Your Natural Tendencies
  2. 4 Reasons People Go to Counseling, A Biblical Perspective


  1. A Therapist's Guide To The Temperament Model of Behavior
  2. How To Supervise People Using The Temperament Model of Behavior
  3. A Guide To Understanding The Temperament Model of Behavior
  4. How To Sell Using The Temperament Model of Behavior
  5. The DISC II Temperament Assessment User's Guide
  6. The Personal Profile System DISC User's Guide


The DISC II Temperament Assessment (on-line version includes a report)


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